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EECP® therapy extendsthe ability of interventional cardiologists and cardiothoracic......More
Contract Manufacturing>>>
Macter's first contract manufacturing client in 1993 was Sandoz ......More

Sterile Facility>>>
Macter is one of the very few companies in Pakistan which has installed state of the art Bausch......More
Aerosol Facility>>>
Macter Aerosol Manufacturing, Filling and Sealing Operations consists......More

Pharma Marketing Fatwa>>>
Macter will work within the framework of Shariah to develop a business model of excellence....More
Marketing & Sales>>>
Macter is Pakistan's leading pharmaceutical marketing company. During the......More

Media Workshop on World Hypertension Day
Every second Pakistani above fifty years is hypertensive

Macter 2nd CME session at ISRA Hyderabad
15 million suffering from hepatitis B, C: Experts...

Macter 1st CME session at ISRA Hyderabad
CMEactivities vital to keep the medical community abreast of the recent advancements: Dr AG Qazi...

Media Workshop - Pakistan Chest Society
10-20 pc Pakistani children suffering from Asthma: Dr Mosavir Ansarie...

CELP Communication Skills Workshop at LNH
Communication skills an important domain of physicians' repertoire: Dr Rufina Soomro...







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